Why Did I Become A Doula

You’re probably wondering why a teen wants to be a doula. I will say it’s definitely not a calling you usually get early in life like I did.  At 15 I knew I wanted to become a doula. But I didn’t qualify for a scholarship because I was too young. In my state you have to be 18 to get a scholarship( abloo). So I couldn’t afford it. But fortunately due to a college class I was taking I had the chance to become a doula and I took it!

Becoming a birth doula and eventually a post partum doula is just a stepping stone in the grand scheme of life. My plan is to become a midwife, and most midwifery schools require you have some experience with birth before applying.

Another reason I want to be a doula is because I simply love women and parents. I want to help women in a very important moment in their lives: giving birth and parenthood. By being a doula I can do that.

Why did you become a doula? 

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